Since 1987, BGP’s culture and values find their roots in the background of the founders, nowadays still managing the firm:
Elio Berlai founded BGP by bringing along the cultural heritage of Management Consulting, well established in Italy since the 1960s and still dominating in the 1980s.
Franco Amigoni joined Elio Berlai soon after BGP was founded, and contributed with the management culture that had been flourishing in the Business School environment since the 1970s. Moreover, as a member of the Board of SDA Bocconi since 1974 and as its Director from 1991 to 1996, Amigoni assimilated the culture driving the management practices of the largest brain-intensive Institutions.

All businesses start from the same point: an idea. It is what happens to that idea that determines business success.

Every successful business is built upon shared values and strong company culture. Culture and values are the elements keeping people together in brain-intensive companies like BGP, and the reason for customers to believe that their partnership with BGP will be successful and long-lasting.

BGP was born 25 years ago with a very precise body of values, which remained unchanged and recognizable by customers and partners over the years, thanks to BGP’s strong effort to spread it through the organization.

Until the mid 1990s BGP operates as a “boutique of consulting”: a selected group of professionals offering high-level consulting services to the top management of large firms in areas such as Accounting, Corporate Finance and Management Control.

During these years BGP starts to familiarize with ERP systems, which at the time were still at the beginning of their diffusion, and soon realizes that its “boutique” size could potentially turn into a road blocker by undermining growth.

Therefore BGP starts to adopt ERP Systems on a larger scale, in the functional areas where it retains the strongest consulting competences: Financial Accounting, Controlling and Treasury. Process competences are the element truly making BGP stand out with respect to competitors coming from an IT background. At the same time, if compared to the “big players”, BGP is capable of outstanding performance whenever flexibility and adaptability are key success factors as opposed to standardized methods.

BGP chooses SAP as the ERP solution to invest on, in a moment when technological scenarios are still unstable.

sap_partnerIn 1997 BGP becomes SAP Partner, and in 1998 it wins the Accelerated SAP Award, thanks to its rapidity of implementation (6 months) of SAP’s accounting components at AEM (Milan’s electric Utility, today known as a2a).

Since then, BGP has become a relevant actor in the panorama of SAP Partners, focusing on the functions which typically support any Chief Financial Officer’s activity, such as Accounting, Finance, Planning and Controlling. BGP’s development is backed up by SAP itself, which often involves BGP in the cases requiring deep and highly focused process competences.

In 2000 BGP becomes an SpA, thus preparing the ground for growth by providing the necessary governance and juridical structure.

StampaIn 2001 a new office is established in Rome. In 2005 BGP reaches the size of 100 consultants, and in 2006 it receives the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 quality certification. Later 9001:2008 and now in the new millenial BGP is approaching to 9001:2015.

The following period, characterized by the global economic crisis, is not free of consequences for BGP, having to face a general decrease of activities and a drop of prices in the IT sector. Nevertheless BGP overcomes the difficulties, and 2013 introduces a process of strategic change. Alongside traditional activities, that BGP continues to pursue with the same level of excellence acknowledged by its customers, it adds new ones.

As a new business area created at the beginning of 2013, BGP Technology includes all of those technological competences, that SAP itself considers complementary to ERP systems and Business Intelligence: HANA, Mobile Applications and the Cloud represent BGP’s new development areas, which not only will complement the traditional consulting activities, but will necessarily become an autonomous center of excellence to present to the market.

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