An Open Business Consulting

Two factors are marking the current global economic scenario: on one hand there is the globalization, understood as integration of different national realities in an organizational unit. This aspect requires proximity to our clients in their process of international expansion. On the other hand there is the location, which has become the primary need of multiple cultural, political, administrative. In our case, localization is also physical presence of the customer: for practical reasons, and also for wise logistic operating economy, so as to achieve the right balance competence and cost. This is also why our mandate, both in Italy and abroad, it is always direct, without intermediaries and with the full directed intervention. BGP is consulting practice in force outside the Company, but it is also interlocutor nerve, because tightens with your customer in a vital area a pact of mutual cultural and professional growth, where an inescapable condition is the glue of trust. All this beyond trade agreements and contractual commitments.

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