What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network which allows private communication over a public network, thus guaranteeing a level of security higher than that attainable by a dedicated line.

Also contained in the VPN’s services are data integrity, data confidentiality and authentication mechanisms on the part of the parties involved in the communication/link.

The ciphered VPN session is normally established between two devices by either firewall, router or client, the configuration of this connection depends upon such factors as level of security required, services requested, accessibility of host machine and other items that can be factored in successively.

Advantages of a VPN

  • Economy of Scale

Once the infrastructure for the VPN is in place there are no additional costs for ‘traffic’ or the duration of the connection as the connection is done as if by over a network, in this case a Virtual Private Network.

  • Security

The ciphered protocols implemented by VPN also guarantee an elevated level of privacy.

  • Speed

The network connection from the LAN is far faster than a conventional modem connection.

  • Reliability

These devices and the lines dedicated to this type of communication have been proven to be of a higher quality and more reliable than traditional RAS server connections.

Solutions offered by BGP

BGP is in a position to offer multiple solutions based on the clients needs and without having to alter their existing network structure.

The VPN solutions mainly implemented are those which are firewall-to-firewall, firewall-to-router and firewall-to-host. The adoption of a sap router and a port redirector in the DMZ could also assist the access filtration process in a positive way.

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