It is not a coincidence that our Customers are among the most successful brands in the world.


The functions and the key processes of each company and the algorithms that determine their efficiency and effectiveness are our territory of daily operation.

Line of business

Projects that spawn IT and Business to improve financial processes whether they are “core” or  “innovation” processes.

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Systems that can provide up-to-date information about the financial position and the evolution of cash flow

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Tools to master the governance of management and strategic elements: process management, detection of critical issues, value creation

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Technlogies for end-to-end monitoring of processes that are part of the whole supply chain, including the integration of suppliers

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Tools to transform the traditional administrative functions (hiring, training, salary, evaluation of performance) into processes that focus on people

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A wide range of solutions to analyze, design and build innovative tools, on par with the speed of Digital Innovation

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Consulting services and managed services to accelerate the process of digital tranformation, to improve operational and Business processes

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Platform for continuous monitoring of all critical business processes that can integrate with the latest methodologies of Project Management

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Utility and Transportation fields pose big challenges, even on the legislation side, that should be faced by adopting standard processes and methodologies that can provide quick and effective solutions.

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Tools to ease the transformation that is required by the new normative context, by embracing continuous innovation of the offering

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Presence and focus allow us to understand and address the specificities of the sector.


The union is strength with the world-leading partnerships that guarantee the state of the art of IT solutions.


Digital Transformation today requires the need to manage the change process with new agile methodologies that allow defining the final solutions plus methodologies knowing all the possible conditions from the initial stages.

BGP can accelerate the growth of enterprises in 5 industrial fields by designing digital solutions and by integrating of platforms and processes. Your company will be agile, easier to manage and reactive to any market change

BGP helps enterprises with their evolution towards the future, while ensuring the continuous operativity of our digital solutions. Your company will be able to stay competitive while reducing at the same time its investments in financial and technical resources.

Extent of skills, depth of knowledge of business processes and solid preparation on organizational and management issues.

About us

BGP was born to help the ‘C-level’ of the Italian companies to compete successfully in the national and international markets.