AMS: Application Maintenance Service

Application Mainteinance is becoming one of the primary means for companies to generate value through information management.  Many organizations invest in the implementation of IT solutions, often leaving the value present in it unused, running the risk that the application is an end solution in itself. In such cases, the management of the implemented solutions becomes a simple Help Desk.

The need

In the traditional “SLA Driven” approach, organizations are focused on SLA and Pricing.  In these cases, we rarely get to the ‘root of the problem’. Issues become opportunities for the simple installation of patches that settle over time.

In the “Value Driven” approach, the point of arrival is the creation of value. The ‘service’ model is designed to discover valuable opportunities and implement improvements at every stage of the life cycle of an application.


Application Support & Maintenance Service Line Manager

The solution

We have developed a solid AMS  service delivery model, based on standardized methodologies and effective governance, which we use for the management of daily activities and which is universally applicable both in a single or ‘multi vendor’ environment, covering the wide range ranging from upfront advisory services,  through the management of application optimization and innovation.

The structures of AMS BGP can be variously assembled to meet the different needs of Customer Organizations.

  • Resourcing support: BGP provides qualified resources and the Customer manages the applications
  • Joint Management: BGP Joint Management and the Customer structure work together on well-identified tasks in sharing responsibilities
  • Managed Outsourcing: BGP manages applications under the ‘governance’ of the Customer IT structure
  • Complete Outsourcing: BGP assumes full responsibility for applications

The benefits

We consider the management of the AMS come an integrated and complete “service” of development and management of IT applications, which provides for the creation of value for the Customer Organization.
The focus is on the consequent reduction of costs, on the improvement of quality in every aspect of the service.


  • Continuous Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Value Creation
  • Central Service Desk
  • Development Support
  • Measure & Report SLAs

Why choose BGP?

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