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The need

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In a context characterized more and more clearly by the frenetic changes in business strategies, which arise to face the trends and moods of a market stimulated by the richness of the offer, the need to continuously monitor company performance with customized analyzes has become a feature from which it is no longer possible to disregard.


Constantly measuring market responses to the effectiveness of our own business, identifying potential problems and understanding the causes, with detailed analysis "on the fly", to be conducted very quickly and in total autonomy, allow experts to dictate corrective actions with a reactivity that is not constrained by the lack of technical skills, nor the need to involve ad hoc departments for the construction of the required analyzes.

Fabrizio Benigno

Head of Analytics Competence Center


The solution

Business Intelligence, supported by the power of its analytical applications, has always been the solution for the construction of the company reporting, regardless of its nature or intended use (analytical, operational, institutional, dashboarding). In the age of IoT and machine learning, the need to build an information asset (Data Hub) to be analyzed with X-Mining exploration techniques is a requirement that can no longer be ignored.
The BI&Analytics Competence Center has always been founded on the paradigm of a constant and continuous evolution, programmed with a roadmap whose goal is the pursuit of the completeness of the portfolio of the services offered. A complete range of solutions for the analysis, design and implementation of innovative tools, in line with the rhythms imposed by Digital Transformation. Reporting platforms with the DNA of Self BI, able to allow the analysis of Big Data in Real Time mode and with solutions both on premise and Cloud based and consumable both on Desktop and on Mobile devices.


The benefits


•    Completeness of analytical solutions, with creation of reporting platforms of different nature (analytical, operational, institutional, dashboarding)

•    Many years of experience of the BI&Analytics team

•    Innovative and latest generation BI solutions

•    Functional competence to support and complete technical expertise

•    Consolidated Expertise on all SAP BI solutions (HANA based)

Why choose BGP?

BGP is Gold Partner SAP Service & VAR able to design, implement, maintain and manage SAP application solutions with the commitment and support of:

• over 200 Collaborators with 8 years average experience in 6 BU: ADVISORY, ERP SOLUTION, TREASURY, HUMAN CAPITAL, FINANCIAL SERVICES and TECHNOLOGY;

• 5 Competence Centers: Finance, Logistics, Planning & Controlling, Analytics, Custom Development and Process Integration

• over 300 certified skills for over 50 different types of certification, of which about 100 acquired or renewed in the last three years, 60% distributed on applications and functional subjetcs and 40% on technical subjects

• 6 SAP laboratories both on-premise and cloud to cover the various technologies available to prepare Demos, PoCs and Prototypes for our Customers

• 1 Organizational structure certified ISO 9001; ISO 20000 and ISO 27000 at the forefront of the adoption of all market standards in terms of safety and reliability of technological innovation processes and guarantee of defined service levels

• highly relevant experiences and references in particularly complex organizational and technological scenarios in "On-Site" and / or "On-Line" modes with over 100 active customers distributed in all industrial sectors.


Artificial Intelligence, C3 chooses BGP

14/03/2019, 14:36


C3, the leading enterprise AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation, today announced the C3 Partner Program