About us

BGP was born to help the ‘C level’ of the Italian companies to compete successfully in the national and international markets.


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The history of BGP Management Consulting (BGP) describes and demonstrates the evolution of the management consulting sector over the last thirty years.

BGP was founded in 1987 by the Fathers of the Italian management consulting and for almost 10 years it had offered strategic and organizational business advisory services to large Italian companies that are the protagonists of the country’s growth thanks to the functional skills and image of their partners.

At the end of the nineties, the market is experiencing a new expansive cycle of management consulting linked to the diffusion of information and communication technologies and the increasingly intense use that companies make of it to adapt their organizational models and operational schemes to contexts of market in rapid evolution: BGP intercepts this moment of discontinuity in the evolution of the sector and decides to ride it.
It does not change the ultimate goal of helping its Customers to preserve and recover margins of efficiency and competitiveness, but redefine the priorities and especially the tools of the managerial action; the demand and supply of consulting services changes in content and supply methods, passing to a consultancy focused on the design and realization of information systems at the service of the business areas which see two alternative development models, one based on the dimensional scale and global projection, the other on specialized focusing.

BGP chooses a growth strategy based on the specialization of expertise and today, thirty years later, celebrates a growth path for quality of the acquired Customers, wealth of offering, revenues and number of consultants, which places it as a protagonist for the years to come.


BGP was born to help the ‘C level’ of the Italian companies to compete and to excel among the national and international markets by offering them services and solutions based on the deep functional and technological expertise of their Consultants of business processes and the best functioning of a company using the state of the art of information technology.

Our whys

Some companies provide consulting, other can provide System Integration. BGP is in a league of its own.
Consulting and System Integration are two faces of the same coin but in most cases they run on parallel railroads and they will never met. Many projects involving Digital Transformation get stuck at the integration stage: that usually happens when companies did not put enough care at the analysis stage and they usually rely on partners that only provide development.
Having a good knowledge of software is not enough to start a Digital Innovation project.
In most cases you need to know more about business processes and about the markets where companies compete. Our brilliant results build on top of consulting: having a throughly knowledge of the market, providing accurante processes analysis and the development need to blend into a single project vision. When everything has been accurately planned, that's whem System Integration can begin.
We have an expertise about your market because we already worked there.
Two identical companies do not exist. Every single company needs taylor-made solutions, built upon their own processes. Yet when operating into a specific industry there are processes that usually repeat and that usually replicate. Such two important factors, when combined, allowed BGP to build a know-how during a 30 years timeframe. BGP knows those industries so well that very often we can predict and anticipae what our customers will need.
BGP: when consulting and system integration blend
Since the begninning at BGP we ensured to provide quality System Interation services but we also take care to draw up a project that not only will be customized on customer's needs but it will often anticipate future ones.

Why you should choose BGP


We speak the same language

We immediately establish a connection with each customer because  we know their needs very well and we can provide different solutions to each company. This expertise has been built during a long timeframe and a long history of successes, thus we can immediately spot the needs of each customer. We carefully listen so we quickly understand what our customer needs are: we build an empathy.


We're always ready

In order to understand what are the needs of a customer it is important to master their business processes, thus being able to identify which issues can happen so we can prepared to solve them even before they actually happen.


Everything starts from consulting

Since the beginning we acknowledge the value and the benefits that a great consulting process can provide. We can then master the problems, understand their complexity thus being able to provide the best solution for them. A method that can provide a real differentiator key to our customers.


By your side, from start to end

Each project is important to us as much as the one that has been already done and as much as the one that will follow. That’s why we provide the same care and all of our passion at each stage. Providing to our customer a project that has been designed and completed is not enough because we want to provide a real advantage with a product that will surpass his expectations. It has to perfectly fit the company, customized and integrated with its reality of things. Our goal is always the one to provide a software solution that will adapat to any business, not the opposite.


We anticipate the future

We like to define ourselves as Technology Evangelists, because we have a mindset that is constantly aligned with the future. We always try to embrace new technologies that can provide a real evolution, not only at product level but also at process one. That’s our plus, we can evaluate, test and compare new tools that the market can provide and then we select the ones that are more suitable to develop business processes. That’s how we can lead our customers to improvements and growth. We design that process upon their current state and by contextualizing any technology upon their actual needs.

BGP is SAP GOLD Partner, Service, Build, Sales, OEM that is able to design, implement, maintain and manage SAP applicative solutions with the help and support of:

more than 330 collaborators, with an average of 8,5 years of expertise spread across 5 Industry Line, Manufacturing, Fashion, Utilities, Services, Financial Services and 2 Business Line, Analytics, Technology
8 Service Line: Finance, Treasury, Planning & Consolidation, Logistics, Human Resources, Cloud Native Solution (User Interface, Process Integration, Development), Application Maintenance, Managed Services
over 330 certified competences ranging in over 50 different types of certifications. Of those, about 100 have been acquired or renewed during the past 3 years, 60% of them in applicative and functional field, 40% in technical field
6 SAP laboratories both on-premise and in cloud, which cover many available technologies, to build demos, PoCs and prototypes for our customers.
One organizational structure awarded with ISO 9001; ISO 20000 and ISO 27000 certifications. That structure is innovative and it is adopting all of relevant standards for security, reliability, technological innovation and SLAs.
over 130 customers spread among all industries, to provide up-to-date and important references even for very complicated scenarios, both "On-Site" and "On-Line"