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The need

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In the market in which we operate, the figure of the CFO has increasingly become a figure of primary importance but has substantially changed "skin".

Today the CFO, in collaboration with the CIO, not only expresses needs of "Business Continuity" but is increasingly focused on requesting a vision on the issues of digitization that allow him and his team to focus on strategic business decisions by responding more and more quickly to the various stakeholders.

In addition, the CFO has gained an increasing importance in the strategic decision-making chain of the company by actively participating in decisions concerning integration and M&A.

Valeria Turco

Head of Finance Competence Center


The solution

BGP is concentrated, through its distinctive expertise, to offer initiatives that can improve the finance processes every day, whether they are "core" or "Innovation" type. We take care of designing our solutions by matching IT needs with the Business ones, accompanying our customers from the design to the modeling of the identified solution.

We range from the most classic ERP implementation projects on new S4 HANA platforms, passing to SAP suites dedicated to Fast Closing, Credit Management and regulatory requirements (IFRS 16 and Electronic Billing), up to the first adoptions of Digital CFO and Machine Learning solutions that can ensure a greater efficiency in the analysis of data available in Real Time.

For us, the solution is like a tailored suit that is cut and sewn with the most modern methods of Agile Project Management that allow you to immediately evaluate the choices made by coming into contact with the product from the early design stages

The benefits


The target we set ourselves is to always guarantee tangible benefits to our customers, taking full advantage of the SAP solutions, whether they are classic or innovative and can provide:

•    Improvement of the finance data by simplifying data structures on the one hand, but also introducing information that was previously unthinkable by eliminating redundant data

•    New User Experience on all processes and an access on mobility

•    Operational efficiency able to drastically reduce the most "labor intensive" finance operations to free up some time for analysis

•    Support to the CFO and his team in critical decision-making phases through the preparation of comprehensive Reporting Packs and Real Time

•    Easy reconciliation of all accounting finance data through an integrated management of all information (Accounting and Managerial). At the same time we always guarantee careful maintenance of the present solutions in order to have the most traditional continuous management of the business.

Why choose BGP?

BGP is Gold Partner SAP Service & VAR able to design, implement, maintain and manage SAP application solutions with the commitment and support of:

• over 200 Collaborators with 8 years average experience in 6 BU: ADVISORY, ERP SOLUTION, TREASURY, HUMAN CAPITAL, FINANCIAL SERVICES and TECHNOLOGY;

5 Competence Centers: Finance, Logistics, Planning & Controlling, Analytics, Custom Development and Process Integration

• over 300 certified skills for over 50 different types of certification, of which about 100 acquired or renewed in the last three years, 60% distributed on applications and functional subjetcs and 40% on technical subjects

6 SAP laboratories both on-premise and cloud to cover the various technologies available to prepare Demos, PoCs and Prototypes for our Customers

1 Organizational structure certified ISO 9001; ISO 20000 and ISO 27000 at the forefront of the adoption of all market standards in terms of safety and reliability of technological innovation processes and guarantee of defined service levels

• highly relevant experiences and references in particularly complex organizational and technological scenarios in "On-Site" and / or "On-Line" modes with over 100 active customers distributed in all industrial sectors.


Artificial Intelligence, C3 chooses BGP

14/03/2019, 14:36


C3, the leading enterprise AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation, today announced the C3 Partner Program