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The need

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Also in the ICT world the innovative and fundamental elements for the competitiveness of the companies are decentralization and globalization and as such they represent the primary need to streamline structural costs and promote the active involvement of all the players.

Standardize information and cloud systems to ensure innovative and up-to-date technology.

Develop Human Resources through careful management, pursuing the core business of the Company, but without neglecting the fundamental traditional themes of Human Resources.

Bruno Sebastiani

Human Capital BU Manager


The solutions


In order to achieve these objectives, it is necessary to be able to properly organize with transparent models of Employee Engagement for the achievement of company objectives. Activate Fast Recruiting increasingly focused to attract qualified talents also through social networks and reference providers. Reduce the weight of turnover by managing Motivation & Loyalty Building plans. Set up articulated development plans that ensure a greater visibility on Career Planning. Predisposition to the use of Social Learning and Training Plans for the continuous updating of Employee Competences.

On all these topics BGP assumes the role of Problem Solver proposing:

•    The complete SAP HCM and SFSF Suite to facilitate, streamline and improve HR processes.

•    HCM process skills and change solutions for process improvement.

•    Best Practices and RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution), "pre-configured" and design methodology for solutions in terms of time and costs.


The benefits

BGP plays the role of System Integrator proposing and adopting models and technologies of the highest level. The many years of experience gained with different projects in almost all market sectors, addressing important thematic complexities, have legitimized BGP as Trusted Advisor in the HCM field to guarantee:

• Increase in the motivational sphere of the company population;

• Improvement of the efficiency of company processes to achieve the objectives;

• Constant growth of individual and group skills;

• Cost management;

• Continuous updating of Employee Competences;

• Social Learning, Fast Recruiting.

Why choose BGP?

BGP is Gold Partner SAP Service & VAR able to design, implement, maintain and manage SAP application solutions with the commitment and support of:

• over 200 Collaborators with 8 years average experience in 6 BU: ADVISORY, ERP SOLUTION, TREASURY, HUMAN CAPITAL, FINANCIAL SERVICES and TECHNOLOGY;

• 5 Competence Centers: Finance, Logistics, Planning & Controlling, Analytics, Custom Development and Process Integration

• over 300 certified skills for over 50 different types of certification, of which about 100 acquired or renewed in the last three years, 60% distributed on applications and functional subjetcs and 40% on technical subjects

• 6 SAP laboratories both on-premise and cloud to cover the various technologies available to prepare Demos, PoCs and Prototypes for our Customers

• 1 Organizational structure certified ISO 9001; ISO 20000 and ISO 27000 at the forefront of the adoption of all market standards in terms of safety and reliability of technological innovation processes and guarantee of defined service levels

• highly relevant experiences and references in particularly complex organizational and technological scenarios in "On-Site" and / or "On-Line" modes with over 100 active customers distributed in all industrial sectors.


Artificial Intelligence, C3 chooses BGP

14/03/2019, 14:36


C3, the leading enterprise AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation, today announced the C3 Partner Program