The need

Companies operating in the Fashion and Hard Luxury sector are increasingly finding themselves  operating in highly variable and competitive contexts as well as extremely fluid in terms of product. 

In addition, the pandemic In addition, the 2020 pandemic and post-pandemic scenarios have accentuated a trend that within the fashion and hard luxury companies had already started, that of omnichanneling, the possibility of reaching the final the possibility of reaching the end customer beyond the traditional channels, thus overcoming the the barrier represented by the traditional physical shop.

The sector therefore requires a focus on core business processes which are able to integrate traditional skills with the most innovative ones in such a way as to guarantee the to ensure that the company can adapt quickly to the various changes in the market, while the market and anticipate trends.


Fashion Industry Line Director

The solution

BGP, with many years of experience in the field, offers its customers integrated solutions for all business needs, whether simple or complex. Our strength is our knowledge of end-to-end processes, which is expressed through our ability to design solutions Our strength is our knowledge of ‘end to end’ processes, which is expressed through our ability to design solutions capable of satisfying all requirements, whether they be ‘core business’ or transversal processes. Business’ or transversal business support processes.

From production processes, which sometimes include distinctive characteristics, to the development of complex to the development of complex logistics models with an international dimension. industry designs and applies solutions that support our partners in achieving their business business objectives. For more traditional and transversal processes for years we have been an important reference point for offering advanced accounting, management control and treasury modelling solutions, alongside management control and treasury modelling, alongside simulation models and integrated budgets capable of providing the models and integrated budgets to provide the customer with a navigation route. 

Last but not least, we have included in our offering several Intelligent Enterprise solutions that can take our customers towards the to the 4.0 evolution of the company, and which is therefore able to flank the more traditional alongside more traditional solutions, aspects of digitalisation that are becoming increasingly important in the market.

The benefits

The benefits are therefore those that BGP is able to offer its partners by accompanying them through the processes of transformation and innovation that today increasingly dictated by today’s markets. This is done by providing This is done by offering its process and technical expertise, often accompanied by a wealth of effective This is done by offering its process and technical expertise, often accompanied by a wealth of effective solutions tailored to market requirements.

We therefore aim to provide solutions that can provide immediate short-term benefit in the short term and that are easily scalable and/or adaptable to the changing contexts that characterise these markets.

Why choose BGP?

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