Country Risk Management

Comprehensive and integrated country risk management

A model that reinforces corporate awareness

International companies of all sizes increasingly need to be able to mitigate any risks if they operate in “critical” geographic areas, all the more so in the global scenarios that have been emerging over the past few years.

With the help of specialized companies, it is possible to access structured information that can provide probabilistic values about the likelihood that a particular event/happening may occur in a specific country and in a specific time frame.

Mitigating risk and supporting strategic decisions

Mitigating a risk in its negative sense means not only protecting capital, but also those assets that are extremely strategic to the company itself.

Determining a country’s overall score, also helps to assess any financial exposure, cost of capital and any debt, specific information that helps determine the Country Risk Premium.


Effective identification, measurement, assessment and management of risk

Expertise and in-depth knowledge of the relevant market

Minimize risks arising from market volatility

Protect capital and assets that are highly strategic to the company

Probabilistic values about the likelihood of a given event

Helping management guide its strategic decisions



Learn how to help your organization deliver the appropriate visibility and plan of action for a proactive risk management approach.

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