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BGP since 1987 has provided consulting to companies in the development of solutions and systems, from ERP to Business Intelligence, in the areas of Finance and Control, Supply Chain and Human Resources, implementing innovative solutions in the direction of Digital Transformation.

We combine competence on solutions and business processes with technological expertise. 

We work with our customers to explore new opportunities and manage change with innovative solutions that achieve success. The professionalism of our resources is our value. Their growth and satisfaction is our success.

Silvia Caslini

HR Manager

The esteem and trust of our employees have always been a hallmark of BGP culture.

The skills to work in BGP

Problem Solving

We are committed every day to help solve our customers' problems. Analytical thinking skills and a working method structured to understand how to solve the problems of complex organizations are fundamental together with the continuous development of functional and technological expertise, to find successful innovative solutions. At the base of the quality of our solutions there is a new way of thinking and doing. Curiosity is the key to success.

Goal orientation

We work on complex projects and activities, with a strong impact on customer processes and performance. This requires energy, determination and the ability to organize their activities, always focused on results and on meeting deadlines. Passion and resourcefulness allow to achieve results.

Ability to relate and work in a team

You work closely with people. Strong communication skills are needed, especially in situations where there are different points of view, perhaps in conflict with each other.

We need to be able to build a relationship of mutual trust with our customers, to work together and to guide people, fostering constructive collaboration, to achieve our goals.


Technology is deeply involved in the quality and success of our solutions. Our processes are transformed with digital technology. The key to success is the union between functional and technological skills. The interest in digital transformation is a fundamental requirement for working in BGP.


Process&Application Analyst-Consultant

He carries out professional work with different degrees of autonomy, under the guidance of a team leader. He participates in problem solving in a work team, with an important role in the analysis of customer requirements, participating in the definition of the solution and implementation, supported by a senior consultant. He develops skills on business processes and technical-application solutions. He is attentive to relations with the client and with any partners.

Process&Application Senior Consultant

He carries out professional work, in total autonomy, under the guidance of a project leader. As part of a project, it autonomously guides a project area. With his problem solving activity and his functional and technical skills, he contributes to the definition and implementation of the solution. He develops skills on business processes and technical-applicative solutions, ever more extensive and complex, with solutions and results that are increasingly broad and of quality. He plays the role of "coach" towards the younger ones. He takes care of the harmony of the relationships with customers and partners.

Business Solution Expert & Project Leader

He has full responsibility for the project and he is the reference point of the entire team. He works closely with the client, guiding the definition and implementation of the solution, paying attention to the results and the quality of the solution, optimizing the team's contribution. He is expert at Business and application of the solution in the functional area of reference, he is the point of reference for colleagues and clients thanks to the considerable skills acquired.



He guides projects by ensuring the results and the quality of the solution, thanks to the excellent skills developed in the functional area of his competence, pro-active to innovation. He puts his expertise and experience at the service of the client, contributing to the development of customer-related activities. He inspires younger colleagues and makes sure that at the end of the project they have grown in terms of skills and mastery of the role.

Areas of expertise 

Recent graduates

We are constantly looking for young recent graduates to be included in our organization. In addition to the academic path, we appreciate the passion, the curiosity and the propensity to professional growth in a collaborative environment that is  strongly oriented to the development of innovative skills and solutions. If you want to combine your talent with ours, planning your future in BGP, send us your application.

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Artificial Intelligence, C3 chooses BGP

14/03/2019, 14:36


C3, the leading enterprise AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation, today announced the C3 Partner Program