Line of business


In the market in which we operate, the figure of the CFO has increasingly become a figure of primary importance but has substantially changed "skin".


The availability of accurate information on both the financial position and the future evolution of cash flows has become a requirement that can no longer be postponed for the Finance Department

Planning & consolidation

What are the factors of success and the secrets of a successful company? Of course, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of its business area, as well as an undeniable business instinct


Impossible to think of a successful company without a supply chain designed to be efficient but also able to adapt to constant changes.

Human capital

Also in the ICT world the innovative and fundamental elements for the competitiveness of the companies are decentralization and globalization and as such they represent the primary need to streamline structural costs and promote the active involvement of all the players


Application Mainteinance is becoming one of the primary means for companies to generate value through information management. Many organizations invest in the implementation of IT solutions, often leaving the value present in it unused, running the risk that the application is an end solution in itself.


In a context characterized more and more clearly by the frenetic changes in business strategies, which arise to face the trends and moods of a market stimulated by the richness of the offer, the need to continuously monitor company performance with customized analyzes has become a feature from which it is no longer possible to disregard


The digital era inspires companies with new Business ideas, but to compete in the new interconnected and Real-Time world of Big Data it requires radical changes in processes and the start of a digital transformation process centered on dialogue between CIO and C-Level, and on technological innovation as an enabling factor