A control room for the finance function in the company

In the evolving context of Finance Transformation, monthly and annual closing processes are increasingly proving to be a complex and time- and resource-intensive activity.

Manual management of these processes is no longer sustainable. In fact, without the help of a platform, losses of “valuable” time, management risks and costs are generated.

The ability to implement a control model tailored to the needs of one’s organization is a major goal for companies today. Imperative becomes the need to set up one’s reporting, define performance gauges and what-if models of future trends that can provide management with timely and consistent information.

Data monitoring for the right business choices

A well-organized Fast Closing enables all this, with efficient management of resources and systems between timing, cost, and information quality, with an accurate and timely budget closing process.

A path that includes both the adoption of organizational solutions to support greater process efficiency and the overhaul of the IT infrastructure serving the Finance area. SAP Financial Closing Cockpit (FCC) and BlackLine Task Management BGP solutions address these needs by enabling the standardization, unification and automation of processes.

Effective tools available to the CFO & Controlling that enable them to manage processes, make monthly closings and close the budget reliably and quickly. By employing CPM tools and automating reporting processes, the goal of freeing up resources for more value-added activities such as data analysis and forecasting to support the decision system is achieved. 



Reduction of closing time by 50%, with automation in repetitive activities such as Intercompany matching and reconciliation.


Time saving and preparation of small “Proof Of Concepts” to provide concrete results on which to really evaluate the solution.


Faster and more flexible monthly closing process, also reducing the impact on the organization.

Controls & Security

Infrastructure security and compliance with SSAE 18 SOC1/2/3 Type II and IS/IEC 27001 and 27017 international standards certifications.


Flexibility and ability to change quickly in accordance with business strategy or to meet M&A needs.

Organizational Efficiency

A concise, up-to-date and comprehensive view of business results and performance.



Find out how to make monthly and annual closing processes faster and more flexible, while also reducing the impact on the organization.

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