The last few years have been characterized by an intense and continuous demand for Digital Transformation projects based on the new cloud platforms that enable this transformation. A journey that sees two great philosophies of execution opposing each other to then reach the same goal: companies that feel ready or are required by the competitive pressure of the market in which they operate at a strong, extensive and at the same time fast change with large and important projects that involve the entire company perimeter and companies, almost always of medium and large size, which prefer to attack individual areas in a focused manner within a clear design of the evolutionary path, managing in a controlled way the organizational stress that these activities inevitably entail.

BGP is highly specialized in the transformation of entire Line Of Businesses that require a renewed process and high levels of optimization of the individual phases to free up time and focus of resources to be dedicated to higher value activities.

Great attention also to the new way of supporting the released solutions by offering modern and hybrid Application Maintenance models.

Sandro Gianoli

​Chief Market Officer


Chief Operation Officer

These services, both in terms of applications (AMS) and technology (SMS), ensure a continuous and significant presence with our customers, who can therefore interpret us with the trust deriving from mutual knowledge, as the first option for all the development and transformation projects of their application solutions